About Us

FSI INC is one pf the finest sources available for LED products. LED – Light Emitting Diode, is slowly taking over.

With the development of high efficiency and high power LED’s it has become possible to use LED’s in lightning and illumination. LED’s act as a strong replacement to Normal light bulbs.

In US one kilowatt hour of electricity currently causes an average of 1.34 pounds of Carbon Dioxide emission. Assuming an average light bulb is on for 10 hours a day, a 40 watt bulb will cause 196 pounds (89 kg) of Carbon Dioxide a year. But a 6 watt LED bulb will only cause 30 pounds of Carbon Dioxide emission in the same amount of time.

An LED can continue to operate with the reduced efficiency for more than 50,000 hours compared to an ordinary bulb lasting up to a 1000 hours. This is 50 times more, for an LED.

LED light could be a cost effective option for lighting a home,office, gas station, hospital, supermarket, garage, street lighting, work shop, warehouse space because of their very long lifelines. Consuming of LED s as a replacement for conventional lightning system is currently hampered by the high cost and low efficiency of available products. We have one of the finest products from UL, DLC, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and making you visit us over and over again because products are worth the price.